What is the purpose of the current Organisational Tasks feature? It appears to be half-baked !!
I can't search the tasks.
I can't categorise them.
I can't assign them.
I can't edit them once created.
I can't track conversational status changes.
I'm not sure if there are reminders based on the Due Dates.
Am I missing something?
Wouldn't it be better to either implement this feature correctly or remove it altogether to avoid the confusion and cluttering that it creates?
I wanted a feature to allow clinicians to communicate something to admin staff (or even other clinicians) ... but this doesn't seem to fit the bill.
  • "Please invoice patient X for me"
  • "Please send letter Y via Secure Messaging to clinic Z"
  • "Please check the Medicare rebate status for INVOICE xxxyyy - it didn't process correctly."
  • "Please ring and re-schedule appointment for patient C"
  • "Dear Dr.... please review the letter for patient B as we discussed."
etc... etc...
How can I achieve this within CorePlus if not through Organisational Tasks?